Jovial now available to preschools in need

We are on a social mission to support early-childhood education, and are proud to offer Jovial at no charge.

In these trying times, we want to contribute in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Your preschool can be non-profit or for-profit, and we're waiving the usual requirement that it follow the cooperative/parent-run model.

Jovial includes contactless sign-in/sign-out, with an optional COVID self-screening. For a 1-minute demo of this feature, check out the video below.

This is not a limited-time trial; if your school adopts Jovial, you will be able to continue using it for as long as you'd like. However, we only have a limited number of licenses available, not all preschools are eligible, and terms & conditions apply. If you're interested in exploring Jovial for your preschool, please contact us.