• Posted Feb 13, 2024

Annual Letter to our Stakeholders

February 13, 2024

Dear Educators, Volunteers, and Parents:

Thank you for being a Stakeholder of Jovial. As a Stakeholder, you benefit by having access to preschool management software, with support, along with a vibrant nationwide community of preschools.

Thank you for your ongoing feedback. We listen to your input, and we fine-tune, making improvements and adding new features every day. Our most recent major release significantly improves the way Jovial helps you create, collect, process, and organize your school forms (registration, immunization, questionnaires, and more).

Thank you for your ongoing support. The more preschools use Jovial, the more we can invest in making Jovial better for everyone. The Jovial community continues to grow because of your enthusiasm as you spread the word about Jovial to preschools nationwide. There is indeed strength in numbers!

Our Mission underpins everything we do. We lift early childhood education, across the U.S. and Canada, by offering software to underserved preschools -- at no charge -- designed to release the time educators/volunteers traditionally spend on administration. We want you to spend time with kids, community-build, or catch up on your sleep! Jovial is in use by the majority of all co-operative preschools, and an increasing number of traditional preschools, across the United States and Canada. Jovial includes student/family information management, enrollment, forms, tuition billing and electronic payments, attendance, and much more.

Going forward, we will continue to focus on you, our Stakeholders. We pledge to:

  • Continue to listen. We’re not perfect and do not strive for perfection, but we will continue to reach for continuous and sustainable improvement, based on your needs and feedback.

  • Conduct ourselves in such a way as to promote positive effects (and minimize adverse effects) to our Stakeholders – our employees, suppliers, the environment, and the global community of parents, educators, and students

  • Prioritize sustainability. Our Stakeholders can rely on Jovial as one of the “bedrocks” of the nationwide community of preschools.

Thank you for being part of the Jovial story!

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Jovial offers high-quality preschool management software — at no charge — to all non-profits and smaller for-profits.

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