Preschool Licensing

Preschool Licensing

Licensing is the first step towards opening or starting a daycare or preschool. Without a license or waiver, programs cannot legally enroll children.

Daycare vs Preschool

"Daycare" vs. "Preschool"

At daycares and preschools alike, you'll find children singing at circle time, building with blocks, learning to share, and playing outdoors. So what's the difference between daycares and preschools, and why does it matter how you categorize your program?

How to Start a Preschool Co-op

How to Start a Preschool Cooperative ("Co-Op")

Co-op preschools are all about collaboration and community. Board members are parents of enrollees, and shape everything from educational philosophy to hours and location.

Kids in Nature Preschool

How to Start a Nature Preschool

If you’re thinking of launching a nature preschool, now is the time. Demand for quality outdoor early childhood education is soaring! This guide walks you through, step by step, how to start a nature preschool, and includes a number of valuable resources.

mini case study oak leaf cooperative preschool

Launching an Enrichment Program: A Mini Case Study

A mini case-study about launching an enrichment program at Oak Leaf Cooperative Preschool

How to Start a Preschool

How to Start a Preschool

Starting a preschool? Thinking about it? This is a step-by-step guide for methodically starting a preschool

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